Serious Strength Equipment

Cambered Olympic Bar


Cambered Olympic Bar


84″ long
45 lb
bar diameter 28mm

Now you can increase your flexibility and gain strength throughout your ENTIRE RANGE OF MOTION in all of your barbell exercises


This bar is a monster! Pile on the plates, and go to work! The special inner camber allows maximum comfort and minimum joint stress when performing most conventional exercises. This bar allows maximum range of motion over ANY straight bar to enhance total strength AND flexibility throughout the entire movement. Shrugs without the cage, behind the neck presses, extra deep incline, flat, and decline presses, bent rows like you’ve never felt before, T-Bar rows that don’t threaten the family jewels, and deadlifts that don’t skin your shins are just a sample of what you are about to experience with this exceptional tool! In our studio this is our primary go-to bar. The straight bar is used exclusively for Olympic lifts and power lift competition prep.