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If you train alone, you should consider this simple product.


These hooks have twice the safety, ten times the versatility, and half the cost of conventional power rack dumbbell trays designed to fit only in specified racks and locked in at only one width spacing.
If you ever smashed the back of your hand trying to reset your bells after a hard set that leaves you half destroyed, you will understand the advantage of these simple spotters.
You can mount these hooks on ANY rack or Smith Machine that will hold a barbell, and you can set them at ANY height and ANY width that suits your personal kinetic makeup.
Made from 5/16″ stainless steel, they have been tested with 170 lb dummies without a hint of failure. We know that they will handle much heavier, but we just don’t have anyone here that can! Anyway, if you can work with 170 plus dumbbells, you don’t need a spotter. You need a cage!


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