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TDS Wall Mount Pull-Up Bar

TDS Wall Mount Pull-Up Bar


TDS Pullup Bar


Set your 30″ high mounting brackets at any width up to 52″ and use the full width bar or cut it to fit your usable space.

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5 LB. (PAIR), 8 LB. (PAIR), 10 LB. (PAIR), 12 LB. (PAIR), 15 LB. (PAIR), 20 LB. (PAIR), 25 LB. (PAIR), 30 LB (PAIR)., 35 LB. (SINGLE), 40 LB. (SINGLE), 45 LB. (SINGLE), 50 LB. (SINGLE), 55 LB. (SINGLE), 60 LB. (SINGLE), 65 LB. (SINGLE), 70 LB. (SINGLE), 75 LB. (SINGLE), 80 LB. (SINGLE), 85 LB. (SINGLE), 90 LB. (SINGLE), 95 LB. (SINGLE), 100 LB. (SINGLE)


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