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Ab Mantis Bench

Ab Mantis Bench


Seat angles- 45-degree start w/ 2 additional 5-degree reclining positions.
Upper ab directed motion with durable upholstered, upper back support, textured grip handles, standard weight post with spring lock and lock-out option.
Lower ab directed motion with adjustable length, 2-position foot rests and standard weight post with spring lock.
Unique seated design is easy to use without compromising function.
1.75” durable upholstered seat with 3 available positions.
Safety pins and bolts for adjustable positions allow for easy disassembly or permanent set up.
Durable powder coated finish.
Assembled size – 64”L x 22”W 46”H


Ab Mantis Bench

Shape. Tone. Sculpt. Strengthen. Make any time crunch time with the Best Fitness Semi-Recumbent Ab Crunch Bench. This ergonomically designed machine is built to help you tighten up your midsection, strengthen your back and improve your core stability. Its dual functionality lets you target your lower abs with knee raises and your upper abs with abdominal crunches. No other machine can provide such a total ab workout from a comfortable seated position.

The BF AB20’s 45-degree seat angle puts you in position to isolate your abdominal muscles, for a more efficient workout. Plus, with two additional 5-degree reclining positions, you’ll be ideally supported for an entire range of core exercises.

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