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WEIGHTLIFTING BELT 2 31″-36″ waist

WEIGHTLIFTING BELT 2 31″-36″ waist


Weightlifting Belt 2 Medium 31″-36″ Waist



Sooner or later, every serious weightlifter or fitness freak will have an occasion to strap on a belt for assistance or support with some heavier lifts. There is a lot of hype and hi-tech and fashion opinions out there about what you should look for in a belt Here’s our input;

Until you have buckled into an old school, seasoned, sweat stained leather belt, you will never know the difference between a bind blowing killer workout and just another routine day at the gym!

We sre always on lookout for the best of these beautiful relics to make them available to the true believers in the Golden Age of Bodybuilding.

These dual or triple strap belts start out with a wider and softer inner strap that will mold to body contours and not dig into the ribs and pelvic like many  so called super wide and stiff ass  Power Lifting belts that are sold at ridiculous prices everywhere. Then a narrower strap is mounted over the core  to cinch everything down tightly against the sort tissue that tightens the core instead of crushing the ribs and pelvic areas to cause enough discomfort to take the focus off of the lift and on to the pain, AND not really giving the needed. support. These rare belt are especially desirable for short-waisted lifters.

We have these belts listed at givaway prices, not to make a profit, but just to make them available to true believers.

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