When you perform squats or lunges with a conventional straight bar, the bar rests on the back of your neck forcing you to lean slightly forward to keep the weight centered over your feet for maximum balance. This forward shift removes some of the stress off of your quadriceps and transfers it to your lower back. The result can be less leg development and more chance of lower back injury.

The Pukensvet Safety Squat Bar centers the weight directly over your feet, allowing you to squat with a vertical spinal column thus removing much of the stress from your lower back and transfers it back onto your quads for maximum leg development and minimized chance of back injury.

The Pukensvet pads and handles are contoured and cantilevered at an angle that forces the bar to nest and settle onto your neck and shoulders eliminating even an illusion of sliding off backwards. The handles are spaced to fit snugly around your neck, allowing the bar to ride high and comfortably on your traps instead of out on your more vulnerable clavicles.

Given the fact that the Pukensvet bar will rest independently hands-free on your shoulders, you now can use your hands to pull you through forced reps, better your balance, take deeper squats knowing that you can come out of the hole with a little upper body help if you get jammed up at the bottom.

Now that you can hold on to the rack for better balance. You no longer need a shoulder width stance for stability. If you squat with your feet close together, you can add tremendous strength, size, and shape to the outer sweep of your quads.

This bar is a life saver for weight trainers with upper body and shoulder injuries. Because you can squat ‘hands free’, you can still maintain you legs and core conditioning even if both arms are in a sling.

WHY USE A SAFETY SQUAT BAR? January 25, 2019